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Gioacchino Hierschel de Minerbi

Oscar Hirschel de Minerbi

Minerbi, Hirschel de

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Count Oscarre; Italian diplomat; descendant of a wealthy and illustrious Jewish family of Trieste; born April 25, 1838; educated at the University of Padua, where he received his degree in law in 1864. He then went to Italy, and entered the government service in 1867, being first sent to Paris, later in turn to Bern, Constantinople, London, Brussels, and finally to London again, where he remained until he withdrew from the service. Before he retired to private life he set aside the sum of 80,000 lire which he directed to be used as a nucleus for the foundation of an institute for the benefit of the widows and orphans of diplomatists.S. V. C.

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HIERSCHEL DE MINERBI Oscar (figlio), console di 3a classe, 29 aprile 1949.

Jewish Chronicle: 27 February 1891

Count Oscar Hierschel de Minerbi, Councillor of Legation, who had been appointed to a high post at the Italian Embassy in London, has been recalled to Rome and entrusted with a responsible position in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Count is a Jew and a native of Trieste.

Jewish Chronicle: 28 April 1893

The Italian Silver Wedding

The Jews of Italy, as might have been expected from so generous a community, have distinguished themselves by the liberality of their gifts for philanthropic purposes in commemoration of the Silver Wedding of the King and Queen of Italy. The largest gift yet announced is 60,000 lire contributed by Count Hierschel de Minerbi, Councillor of the Italian Embassy in London and occasionally Acting Chargé d'Affaires, and designated for a fund for the relief of the widows and orphans of employés of the Minsitry for Foreign Affairs.

Jewish Chronicle: 24 September 1897

It is reported that Count Hierschel de Minerbi will shortly be appointed Minister Plenipotentiary for Italy in Mexico. He is at present Secretary to the Italian Embassy in London.

Jewish Chronicle: 21 October 1898

The death is announced of Countess Emma Roca de Hierschel de Minerbi, which took place at Milan on September 16th. Her father, H. E. Count de Hierschel de Minerbi, was Councillor to the Italian Embassy in London, and is now Italian Minister at Mexico. The Countess is at her villa at Belgriate, Lago Maggiore. 


[Count Oscar's daughter Emma married in the Summer of 1897 in Chelsea. Her widower remarried and left descendants:

Mario Leone Rocca, Conte Rocca

M, #249559, b. 7 August 1872

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     Mario Leone Rocca, Conte Rocca was born on 7 August 1872 at Venice, Italy.1 He married Moceniga Lauretana, Contessa Mocenigo on 4 February 1901.1
     Mario Leone Rocca, Conte Rocca was created Conte Rocca on 24 May 1900.1

Children of Mario Leone Rocca, Conte Rocca and Moceniga Lauretana, Contessa Mocenigo

Jewish Chronicle: 5 August 1904

Count Hierschel de Minerbi, who, after being Councillor of the Italian Embassy in London, was recalled and promoted Minister Plenipotentiary, has retired from the diplomatic service. The King has conferred on him the Grand Cordon of the Crown of Italy.

Jewish Chronicle: 5 December 1913

... the members [of the Italian parliament] include Count Hierschel de Minerbi, who was for some years attached to the Italian Embassy in London...

Breve storia degli italiani in Messico (1850-1904)

Nel 1898 il Cav. B. Amelio, presidente pro-tempore, ebbe l'idea di provvedere alla cura degli italiani ammalati mediante la creazione di sale speciali presso l'Ospedale "Beistegui", allora il migliore della capitale messicana. Venne cosí aperta ai connazionali la Sala "Emma", in onore della compianta figlia del conte Oscar Hierschel di Minerbi, Ministro d'Italia in Messico, che era succeduto il 23 agosto 1897 al marchese Centurione, dopo una breve incaricatura d'affari del Cav. Poma.


Indice dei nomi di persona e luogo di Verbanus 10 - 1989

Hierschel de Minerbi, L. 96
Hierschel de Minerbi Rocca E. 96, 103
Rocca, fam. 457; Emma n. Hierschel de Minerbi 263

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